Lumbo-Sacral Orthosis LSO Corset Back Brace - Universal Size

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The Alpha Medical Pain Relieving back brace is made with materials that keep your comfort in mind. The unique design delivers compression and support levels that can be modified on the go with a simple pull or retraction of the easy-to-grip thumb loop. The size of the brace is changed by simply adjusting the Velcro on the inside of the brace on either side of the back panel. If you are suffering from back pain or the fear of a reoccurring injury has you living life on the sidelines you owe it to yourself and those around you to give the Alpha Medical pain relieving back brace a try. We can help! HCPCS L0631

Fitting Instructions:
-Unfasten the Velcro closures and side pulls to open the brace.
-Adjust Velcro closures on each side of the back panel to achieve proper size and fit. (After adjustment the overall length of the brace should be 4-6 inches greater than your girth measurement)
-Wrap the orthosis around the body and center the posterior panel on your spine.
-Pull the left side around to the front and hold in position.
-Pull the right side around to the front and secure with Velcro closure.
-Adjust side pulls for appropriate compression.

How to adjust the size:

To adjust the size, open the LSO back brace and lay is flat with the outside facing down. In the middle of the back brace, on either side of the spinal support panel, you will see a Velcro tab and red vertical lines incrementally on the side portions of the brace. Pull up the Velcro tab and adjust the length of the brace. The overall length of the back brace should be about 4 inches longer than the measurement around your body at your belly button. If you have any problems or question call our customer service number during normal business hours (EST) for help.

Care Instructions:
Hand wash with mild soap in cold water. Air dry flat. Do not use hot water or hot dryer. Do not bleach.

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