NICE Unit Cold and Compression Rental Per Day

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Rent the NICE Cold Compression System for $65/day. Includes cost of wraps 7-day minimum. 

NICE Cold & Compression device uses advanced technology to greatly improve the convenience of cold/compression therapy. NICE eliminates inconvenience by delivering precise cold therapy without the need for ice. The programmable pneumatic compress is proven to reduce edema/swelling and speed recovery. NICE is small (8x8x8) and lightweight (about 10 pounds) with an easy to use touch screen interface.

K E Y   F E A T U R E S :

  • Iceless – NICE patients do not need to place ice into the unit.
  • Waterless – Patients do not have to worry about adding water to the unit once the technician sets up the unit.
  • Allows for consistent temperature control ranging from 41°F to 59°F.
  • Easy to use “touch control” display screen.
  • Allows for easy and immediate control of compression levels.
  • Allows for timed programmability and overnight utilization.
  • Form-fitting wraps designed specifically for each joint.

N I C E   B E N E F I T S :

  • Compliance – Patient much more compliant when no ice/water required.
  • Promote Faster Healing – Decrease edema, improve lymphatic drainage, improved range of motion.
  • Opioids Reduction – Immediate pain relief, reduce pain medication intake.
  • Compression – Allows for zero compression, as well as static or intermittent cold compression that can be controlled at low, medium, and high levels.
  • Mobility – NICE unit easier to transport; sized at 8x8x8 and weighs 9 lbs.
  • Temperature Control – Allows for personal preference on temperature settings since patients have different sensitivity to cold therapy.
  • Safety Feature – NO Thermal damage since unit cannot go below 41°F.
  • Personal Settings – Pre-set programming for “quick start” and overnight sessions.

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